We have curated a team of trainers from a diverse background of elite athletic competition, coaching, and training. All bring a different flavour and style to the H.A.R.D. Studio creating a team that will understand your unique physiology and goals. We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest in sports science research with years of applied practice to get you in the best shape of your life. 







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"Every body performs an exercise differently, bio mechanically. There is a belief that the exercise itself will perform the function, but this is not true. A coach must always cater the exercise to his client's body type. Form correction is the most important. You have to get better at exercise before you can get better results from it.” 

Mike began his athletic career as a professional indoor volleyball player in Switzerland and Australia. Nursing a chondoral fracture, he took an interest in his physiotherapy regimens and implemented new techniques into his training. These lessons in biomechanics, specified training, and technique led to studying physical education at the University of Toronto and a post graduate of Health and Wellness from Humber College. 

Mike dedicated 14 years to learning the most effective, results-based health, fitness, and training protocols earning him clients ranging from professionals, competitors, local celebrities, and the regular weekend warriors.   

Mike now focuses primarily on transformations, body building, contest preparation ie. clients looking to make a major change in their lives. He is now on his 12th body building competition and has taken the stage in Brazil, Ohio, and Columbus to name a few. He has aided in hundreds of transformations and specializes in Mens physiques. 

Mike and partner Josh Leo created H.A.R.D. Studio to build on their own knowledge and create a space dedicated to fitness and the development of elite trainers.  He continues to lead the vision of creating a facility dedicated to passionate, inspirational, and aspirational trainers with expertise spanning all areas of health, wellness, and fitness. 





“Every individual has a specific goal that they have in mind and there are no two physiques alike - therefore, a method of differentiation in training must be taken into consideration to achieve the goal at hand. This is a major concept that I ensure to apply in all my work. A formula consisting of training/nutrition specificity, discipline, care and hard work will allow for undeniable success of the client. Any one of these aspects missing from that formula will inhibit progression and it is my job as a professional trainer to help instill these aspects.” 

Growing up playing competitive hockey for 18 years up to the junior level, Josh spent countless hours in the gym and on the ice. With a bachelor of education, and a life dedicated to fitness he wanted to develop his passion and skill into a career of teaching and motivating others.

Josh began his career in the Fitness Industry at 20 years old while obtaining his Kinesiology and Physical Education Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. With years of research, practical and hands on experience, his knowledge as a trainer has grown exponentially. His initial focus centered around athletic and sports specific training; however, over the years his client transformations became incredibly apparent. After consistent successes with contest preparation, athletes, and other individuals in need of a full body rebuild, he knew this was his specialization as a health professional. 

Josh has personally completed 10 bodybuilding competitions, including the Arnold Amateur. Everything Josh knows and does with clients, he has at one time done himself. His passion lies in the reward of being a part of the enrichment and change in others lives. 

In 2016 Josh, along with partner Michael, opened H.A.R.D. studio. His vision stemmed from the dream to create a facility where clients and trainers can operate in an elite and fun environment focused on progression, growth, and continual education.





“It is vital on your journey to focus on what you want in your life, to understand your own belief system and the impact this has on your goals. You will need to change your beliefs so that your goals and beliefs are totally aligned” 

 Michelle’s passion began with setting her own personal goals to be fit, healthy, confident, and a successful businesswoman. Michelle’s unique approach helps people change the way they see themselves WHOLE-istically from the inside out. Michelle’s #1 goal is for people of all ages to feel empowered, inspired and motivated to become the best they can be. After going through her own fitness transformation, Michelle knows the power fitness has to change one’s lifestyle and uses her journey to continually grow and evolve and bring forth a legendary experience to not only transform your body but to also work on deeper levels to transform your life. She believes its more then fitness. She believes its also finding meaning and purpose to life.  

Michelle Soares is a TransformationLife Coach, Motivational Speaker, Gifted Intuitive Reiki Energy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner and a Zumba Instructor. She graduated from Humber College in 2007 in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program; graduated from the Divine Connection Program at Transformational Arts College in 2013 and completed her certifications at the Centre of Light as a Reiki Master and Life Coach and Mentoring in 2014. 

Through her 10+ years in the Fitness Industry changing the lives of the people that she encounters has led her to many achievements. She is a 2X Award winning Fitness Professionalthrough CANFIT-PRO. She won the Worldwide Stevie BRONZE Award for Women in Business – Women Helping Women. She came in 1st place and OVERALL at the 2015 GNC Toronto Championship making her Ms. Figure Toronto as well as placing 4th in her provincial making her a OPA/CBBF National Level Athlete and she won theStevie Award Winner of Women of Year and Coach/Mentor of the Year in November 2015. She has been on numerous TV shows and one of the top Motivational and Leadership Experts in her Community. 

Michelle believes its about loving yourself and making yourself a priority in order to see profound change. It begins with looking from the inside out to see the positive results take place. Her main mission is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EMPOWER youto be confident, healthy and happy.





“When I am asked the question todescribethe relationship between a coach and a client; my response is: I strongly believe that each relationship functions as a two-way street. The initial decision to seek advice and guidance rests within the client’s hands. However, once the client has chosen to make the necessary lifestyle changes. My role as a Lifestyle Architect and Coach is to continuously build the relationship and  put my clients in a position to be successful; while inspiring them to achieve self-actualization through Commitment, Consistency, Consumption, and Adventure.“ 

Donovanbegan developing the concept of Personal Management Institute (PMI) of Health & Fitness in April of 2008; while he was employed by General Nutrition Centre (GNC). During that time, many customers would seek his advice on the bestapproach to improving their health through:Fitness, Supplementation and Daily Nutrition.  

As the questions continued to mount, he began to realize that many of these people shared similarities within their lives such as: limited  physicalactivity,misconstrued  fitness knowledge, and demanding work schedules. Throughouthis life he has been fortunate enough to possess a high-level of athleticism, due to adopting sport and fitness at an early age. However, he realized that not everyone has been afforded  the  same opportunity to be physically active throughout their youth and current lifestyle  situation.  

As a former college athlete,  many of his life experiences were learnt through sport, and they continue to make up the fabric of his character and belief system today. In addition, these experiences have allowed him to expand his knowledge within the fields of Business, Goal Setting, Lifestyle Management, Nutrition, and Strength & Conditioning. Armed with these newly established tools and a reflective mindset, he began sharing his life philosophies and exercise protocols with individual clients in April of 2009.  

 With deep roots in athleticisim, his clients range from professional to amateur athletes, weekend warriors, young scouted players, as well as those looking to train like an athlete. His training style involves metabolic conditioning, cardio, strength, agility, and multi-planar movements that engage and challenge both the mind and body.





Chris Tucciarone began his fitness journey into health and fitness in high school where he played AAA and junior level hockey winning athlete of the year consecutively from 2005-2009. He followed this passion upon completion of high school and received honors at Humber College studying Fitness and Health Promotion. After receiving his diploma, Chris became a certified personal trainer under the American College of Sports Medicine and began training at LA Fitness as an elite trainer. 

BBC Fitness (Bodies by Chris) was born soon there after as he delved into all aspects of personal training as well as developed an interest in how nutrition benefits athletic performance. Chris chose to attend the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where he received his diploma and is now a Certified Nutrition Practitioner.   

Chris’s foundation in sports and athletic conditioning developed into a love for bodybuilding. He competed in his first natural show where he finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the physique and bodybuilding class. Chris just recently completed his second show in Miami where he placed 5th place in the bodybuilding class.   

As a results based trainer, Chris always puts his clients goals first. He continues to develop his training skills by learning from research papers, attending seminars, and staying on top of changes and improvements in the fitness industry to put his clients in the best position to succeed. Chris has been fortunate enough to be mentored by Josh Leo and Michael Grayer two of the top trainers in the Etobicoke area and continues to invest the same passion and dedication for his clients.   

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